Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chelyuskin: construction to ice-pack capture (data entry sample)

Boat built

From 1933-03-11 to 1933-03-12 at location Steamship Chelyuskin, named after the 18th century Russian explorer, was built for the Soviet government by the famous Danish shipyard Burmeister and Wain (B&W, Copenhagen). It was classified by Lloyd as "+100 A1 strengthened for navigation in ice."

From Copenhagen to Leningrad

From 1933-06-03 to 1933-06-05 at location, Soon after its maiden voyage on May 6, the ship sailed to Leningrad, where the expedition was to originate. The head of the expedition was Otto Yuliyevich Shmidt, and the ship's captain was V. I. Voronin.

Leningrad to Murmansk via Copenhagen

From 1933-07-16 to 1933-07-24 at location, The first leg of the expedition was from Leningrad to Copenhagen, to correct minor defects discovered in testing. From there, the ship continued to Murmansk.

Murmansk to Cape Chelyuskin

From 1933-08-02 to 1933-09-01 at location, First ice was encountered after sailing out of the Matochkin Straight into the Kara Sea. Helped by an ice-breaker, the ship managed to get through solid ice and continue the voyange on its own, reaching Cape Chelyuskin on September 1.

Cape Chelyuskin to Chukchi Sea

From 1933-09-01 to 1933-09-23 at location, Continuing its journey, the ship reached Chukchi Sea where it was caught in solid ice packs.



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