Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Development-in-a-Box; SysAdmin generally

Tom Barnett's Explaining Development-in-a-Box™ says
Since the centerpiece of the approach is adapting internationally recognized standards and best practices to local conditions to jump start development, we couldn’t find another name that emphasized both development and standardization as well as the term Development-in-a-Box.

The post is a bit of a disappointment in that I've been hoping that he'd actually give me a good way to think about what DiB actually is, whereas he doesn't really detail what he just said -- he explains why that's a good thing. Yeah, I believe it's a good thing, and I know he has a detailed model, but I guess I'll have to wait for the next book. My own sysadmin notion is that

  • every person, place or thing has a RESTful URL,
  • each contractual relationship (loan form, invoice, business license) has a document template and instances which are also RESTful, people are linked in a FOAF-style web...everybody gets a cell phone for financial transactions.
  • The "Box" for development is actually a collection of interlinked templates describing an economically functional village... valley... harbor... country... and so on. Oh, well.

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